DARRT Methodology

Our DARRT methodology is an effective and efficient way of conducting an audit, with robust process and governance being at the forefront of our delivery. Our team of professional auditors are held to the highest standards and our expertise has led us to develop a methodology that produces fast consistent results, industry wide.


ADR Audit implements practiced procedures to ensure that the acquisition of the data is well planned and fully considered.  ADR Audit data acquisition staff are practiced in acquiring data and will liaise with your IT or technical staff to ensure timely and accurate extraction of data with minimal disruption to their day-to-day activities. Also we ensure the data is stored securely, and a certificate of destruction is issued on completion of the audit cycle. 


We will analyse your data using our systems to run detailed diagnostics to identify a wide range of transactional errors. The type of data enquiries can range from simple data error mining through to complex data interrogation and matching. To achieve a highly successful audit you need to have excellent technical tools combined with experienced auditor techniques. Our auditors have on average 20+ years of experience ensuring we deliver industry-leading results to our clients.


ADR Audit will review supporting documentation, billing data and supplier account details to confirm the validity of all potential claims. We will meet with the sponsor on a scheduled basis to review claims and agree recovery action. We will provide comprehensive documentation to support all validated claims, which allows you to quickly agree and approve subsequent communication with your suppliers. Our auditors are skilled customer relationship specialists that have made thousands of recoveries from suppliers, on behalf of our clients. 


The detailed Audit Report provides excellent management information that highlights weaknesses and promotes best practice for the future. ADR Audit will report on every transactional error and all over-charges allowing our clients to understand how that error occurred to ensure our clients have sufficient management information to shut down the error completely. ADR Audit will present you with the solutions report once the audit cycle is complete. 


ADR Audit will feedback the Audit Report in a workshop style environment to the Energy specialists, contracts and Accounts payable team if required, so that the errors can be terminated and recommended processes can be put in place to avoid future errors. The 'Root cause analysis' will be identified and errors, which are generated by the system or by a broken process, we will provide advice on how to fix it. If human error is the problem we can identify training needs of personnel within the organisation.


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