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Based in London, and founded in 2006. ADR Audit is a leading Profit Recovery company working with clients in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East providing transactional review and recovery services. The first step is usually to begin a comprehensive review of your Accounts Payable function along with your Energy and Telecoms charges. A forensic review would be able to identify a range of payment errors and over-charges, once identified the over-payments are recovered back to our clients’ bank account. In instances where compliance against contractual terms has not been enforced we find that a systemic error can run the entire length of the contract period.


Companies today find themselves at risk of making errors whilst trying to cope with complex charges, mergers, new technologies, increased transaction volumes and ever-changing prices.


ADR Audit offers it's clients competitive advantage using some of the most advanced Audit technology and experienced profit recovery Auditors in the marketplace. We are leading the field in over-payment identification and recovery, our Auditors have reviewed in excess of £50 billion in global spend and completed over 100 audits.

About You

If your answer is yes to any of the questions below, we may be able to recover lost revenue within your organistaion:


"My organisation has been through a merger or acquisition in the last 5 years"

"We know we need better compliance when making payments"

"I am asked to increase results, but have less resource"

"We need better controls in place but I have no budget or time to implement better process"

"Internal Audit are busy with other areas of the business or don't have the relevant skills to help me"

"We have been migrating to a Financial Shared Service Centre"

"System changes and upgrades have occurred within the last 5 years"

"Procurement are asking for savings across our operational expenditure"

"We have used temps in our finance team to process supplier invoices"

"Purchase orders are not used, or are used incorrectly"


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