Recovering your lost profits

As accounting systems and Energy costs get ever more complex to deal with, it isn’t surprising that over-charging and under-deduction can occur. Over time these can however add up to a significant amount of money and restrict a company’s trading capability and it's profit margin.


ADR Audit specialises in recovering costs within Accounts Payable, Energy and Telecoms by using a non-disruptive review process that can look back at a company’s charges and disbursement transactions. Along with the related supporting data to identify where overpayment may have been made and then recover the full amount from the suppliers. Our bespoke recovery audit process uses specialised tools and robust techniques; these identify and act as a real safeguard against errors and weaknesses in a company’s payment system. We put in place the appropriate business intelligence and recommendations to stop further errors happening in the future.


ADR Audit has worked as a ‘no-risk’ solution with many leading companies and identified, managed and recovered ‘lost’ revenue, in most cases we have improved the security and efficiency of the payment process.

No Recovery, No Fee

ADR Audit operate on a "No Recovery - No Fee' basis to ensure that our clients stay cash positive throughout the entire audit process. Our fees are paid after you have recieved the full benefit or recovered funds.


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